I should’ve been informed

13 Oct

That’s the new catchphrase of the latest auto loan advertisement of BPI which was recently uploaded in their youtube channel.

Flood to Christopher Lao: You mad?

The ad utilized the popularized statement of Mr. Lao to market their free insurance with acts of nature in their Family Auto Loan Plan  and to segue their tagline, ‘nature doesn’t inform you’.

Christopher Lao is a recent local viral meme whose claim-to-fame is being featured in the local news for going headstrong into knee-deep flood along a portion of Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City.


Happy Teacher’s Day Mr. Nurse!

5 Oct

Today is World Teachers’ Day which means that right at this moment, teachers all over the world are receiving spam thank you messages and the likes from students (fanboys, fangirls). Kidding aside, I think many people are happy today since teachers often receive little appreciation most especially from their students. But when days like Teachers’ Day comes, they are suddenly over-appreciated and their efforts for the past months are being noticed by the students which is quite sad because teachers should be appreciated all the time.

Well, at the school where I’m currently employed in, I was surprised to see only a few teachers who have received gifts from students. There wasn’t even a general ‘Happy teachers’ Day’ greeting during the morning assembly. I expected that I could have witnessed something more than that. I imagined students mobbing teachers, screaming happy teachers’ day but I just got disappointed.

Maybe the students didn’t know that it was teachers’ day? I’m not really quite sure about that. Though disappointed,  I still had my exalting moments this day. Only a few hours before dismissal, 3 students who were Student Council officers went to the clinic and gave me a gift. I’m not technically a teacher at the school but I was happy that they included me and thought of the gift-giving as a sign that they have at recognized my contribution to the school even if I’m just a sub and that I was still on my first month and a few days as personnel.

The Teachers' Day gift.

That moment made me realize that teachers’ day is not only for those who are technically teachers by profession, but also for those who have at least made an impact to the education of learners in general.

Aside from the gift, another gesture from a student also made me smile earlier tonight. He messaged me the words “My Nurse, my hero.” while we were taking about his and his friends’ visits to the clinic. Now, I’m sure that I’m going to miss working in this school after my contract ends. HAHA.

To wrap it all up, I could say that my stay in the school as a substitute school nurse is a very wonderful experience and it will be one of the most special experiences in my life.

The Magic of Ponies

15 Sep

Let me share with you a pretty interesting animated series that me and my friends are into lately. It’s a flash-style animated cartoon from Hasbro called My Little Pony: friendship is Magic.

My little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Nursing is an art

14 Sep

Today’s my 14th day of being a substitute school nurse and I must admit that my current employment situation is kinda boring. Most of the time, my clientele’s complaints are too minor and sometimes, just pseudo-pains and illnesses (ang daming nag-iinarte lang, pramis!). It would take me a big amount of luck to encounter something new and exciting.

So, out of boredom and the perfect environment to turn on my artist mode, I usually scribble drawings on any type of paper I could lay my hands on like this clinic pass:

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